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Ecomwel Orthopaedic Center

Ecomwel Orthopaedic Centre is a registered Non Governmental and non profit organization established in the year 1986 to provide comprehensive health care and Community Based Programmes for the uplift of rural disabled, children of leprosy patients, rural poor and underprivileged. Ecomwel orthopaedic centre feels happy and honored for serving thousands of disabled in bringing them to the mainstream of society.

Ecomwel Orthopaedic Centre strives for the empowerment and overall development of the disabled through education, training and employment. Ecomwel Orthopaedic Center’s intervention in this direction begins with awareness creation in rural areas, new born screening, early detection and early intervention to wide ranges of services like special school, inclusive education and Community Based Rehabilitation.

We provide, comprehensive rehabilitation right from physical to economic rehabilitation and is implemented through institutional and Community Based approaches.

Ecomwel Orthopaedic Centre is committed to Human Resource Development through training special educators, therapists, regular school teachers and headmasters, Government personnel, parents and volunteers.

The rights of the disabled, causes and prevention of disability, concessions and benefits for the disabled from the Government and other agencies are communicated to the rural public through puppets shows, street plays, skits and songs.

The crux of whatever Ecomwel undertakes is to restore the dignity of disabled. It is for this that Ecomwel leaves no stone unturned in fighting for the rights of the disabled – the right to life, to information, to education, to health, to employment, to social security, to recreation and to full participation.